Asia Pacific Music Meeting 2021
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UlsanAPaMM Showcase - Korean traditional music crossover


BBIRIBBOO, which creates sensual traditional music based on traditional wind instruments

  • Profile
    ‘BBIRIBBOO’ is a team consists of Kwon Sol-ji and Son Sae-ha, who have been playing the pipes for around 10 years, with producer Heven. The team is called 'BBIRIBBOO' that gives an image of the 'pipe' sound 'bboo,' and it tries to show the charm of Gukak to people through trendy and intuitive music considering of a new way which was not tried before. With this intention, electronic music was added to the sounds of Taepyeongso, and Saenghwang to create a unique work of BBIRIBBOO.
  • Member
    Kwon Solji (co-owner, musician)
    Son Saeha (co-owner, musician)
    Choi Seongchil (musician)
  • Program
    1. Iraiza (4min)
    The pieces of sound got lost and entered a destroyed world.
    It was full of unknown substances.

    2. eunneuny(Softly) (5min20sec)
    softly(隱隱-).(Adverb) dimly and blurry, not clearly visible on the outside. Indistinctive sound from far away. Weak but prevalent scent.

    3. geumeum(the end of the month : November) (5min)
    The last day of the month from autumn to winter.

    4. In dodri (4min)
    Unpredictable movements of objects in all directions.

    5. Creeper (6min30sec)
    Gathered and dismantled,
    entangled and fluttered, broken and connected again
    A trend created by those repetitions.
  • Career

    2019 Participated in the performance of 〈KOREA FESTA〉invited by the Korean Cultural Center in Hong Kong
    2020 2020.10 Minecraft participates in 'Mysterious Animal Watch', a virtual culture and art experience where tradition and innovation meet
    2020 Participated in the 2020 New Korean Music Experiment Stage 'sinjin sepojooe'
    2021 Journey to Korean Music (Journey Rookie) showcase
  • Award

    〈21st Century Korean Music Project〉 BBIRIBBOO 'Shinmudang Vibe' Gold Prize
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