Asia Pacific Music Meeting 2021
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UlsanAPaMM Choice - Traditional performance(including things Korean)

UlsanAPaMM Project Team 울산에이팜프로젝트팀

Awake Cheoyong with 『K-groove』 filled with rhythm and excitement of Ulsan, the Korean traditional performance

  • Profile
    -Founded in 1992, it is a professional art organization designated by Ulsan Metropolitan City (No. 2010-3). It is working on creative activities and completion of Korean traditional performances and cultural commercialization contents. In particular, it has received a great response from the public for works made in the form of storytelling based on the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of the region, is actively performing at home and abroad, and operates regular performances and educational projects of Korean traditional performances as a residential art group at Ulsan Performance Hall.
  • Member
    Jang Jae Gun (Directing and artistic director)
    Park song hoon (Director and oral sound)
    Yu byeong ki (Theatrical / Ajaeng)
    Jang Pyung (Theatrical / sound)
    Jeon sang oh (Theatrical / percussion)
    kwon do kyun (Theatrical / percussion)
    Kim hee June (Theatrical / percussion)
    Song min jae (Theatrical / percussion)
    Ha dong ho (Theatrical / percussion)
    Kim won hye (Traditional performance(Drum dance, Jijeon Dance))
    Chae song yi (Traditional performance(Drum dance, Jijeon Dance))
    Pack Jong ok (Traditional performance(Drum dance, Jijeon Dance))
    Park soyoun (Traditional performance(Drum dance, Jijeon Dance))
    Kim seo hyun (Sogo dance)
    Lee da jung (Sogo dance)
    Han ji young (Sogo dance)
    Yoon hyen jeong (Sogo dance)
    Lee jyu lee (Sogo dance)
    Hwang doung yeun (Korean traditional bamboo flute)
    Lee geen hee (Pipe)
  • Program
    ■ Themes of Works
    It uses storytelling elements along with the tale of Cheoyong with dancing and music based on Namdo Muak(Shaman music) and various Korean mask plays. This is a traditional performance fusion work that pursues the fun of the performance by reinterpreting Cheoyong Tale through witty jokes, praying for comfort and hope in the reality that the whole country is suffering from COVID-19 in a mess(Nanjang) of singing and dancing. This is a mess(Nanjang) story composed of Unpoong and Sinyogo in which fusion songs, dances, and performances are harmonized together, and is distinctly different from the existing traditional performances that express the lives of modern people in the 21st century beyond the limited event.

    - Unpoong : A new genre that completely breaks away from the form and composition that has been performed so far and plays only with metal instruments such as gong, jeongju, and kwaenggwari, and a Madang where instrumental music, oral sounds, and dance are harmonized
    - Sinyogo : The grand and heavy rhythm of the drum sound, the splendid and delicate beat of the janggu melody, and the tale of Cheoyong using the intangible cultural heritage of the region and the Ulsan Dudong Nongak Jinbeop are used to create excitement and splendid performance. It is composed of songs that express the excitement and talents of Korea and Ulsan.

    ■ Intentions of Works
    Just as K-pop and K-trot are getting a lot of love and attention in the popular music market, it was created to pave the way for cultural market development with the most Korean and distinctive reinterpretation of regional characteristics, the traditional performance 『‘K –groove’ 』 full of excitement, talent, and rhythm. The work was designed to induce vitality of hope and overcome difficulties together through the traditional performance 『‘K –groove’ 』, a fusion of the most Korean and playful elements in the reality that the whole nation is mired in depression and disappointment due to COVID-19.
  • Career

    2020 Subtitle(Korean excitement and rhythm) 『K-groove』 (Premier of creative work in 2020)
    2020 Crazy about the sound and the dance moves, the traditional performance big Madang 『不狂不及』(Be crazy to succeed)
    2020 打, Beating, the traditional performance 歌舞樂(Gamuak) KOREA
    2020 Online Media Art Change Up
    2020 The Ulju Cultural Foundation's inaugural performance (The Ring of Hope)
    2020 Yahan(Night's sorrow) Dance Festival(Sinyogo)
    2020 Ganjeolgot Sunrise Festival Percussion Performance 『The ring of Hope』
    2019 Beoseumsae Nan-jang(mess) Story 『Gamuak(dancing, singing, performing) koreaⅢ』
    2018 Beoseumsae Nan-jang(mess) Story 『Gamuak(dancing, singing, performing) koreaⅡ』
    2017 Beoseumsae Beoseumsae Nan-jang(mess) Story 『Gamuak(dancing, singing, performing) koreaⅠ』
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