Asia Pacific Music Meeting 2021
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UlsanAPaMM Choice - Alternative pop


Go with the new vibe, dancing with Korean folk song.

  • Profile
    LEENALCHI is an alternative pop band that comprises four traditional vocalists, who deliver musical storytelling through solos, choir, rapping and dance. The band also features a drummer and two bassists. The story's background beats and bass draw inspiration from 80's new wave while the performers build excitement by destroying and re-arranging traditional elements.
  • Member
    Ahn Yi Ho (Vocal)
    Lee Na Rae (Vocal)
    Kwon Song Hee (Vocal)
    Shin Yu Jin (Vocal)
    Jang Young Gyu (Bass)
    Lee Chul Hee (Drum)
    Park Jun Cheol (Bass/Guest member)
  • Program
    LEENALCHI sings 〈Sugungga〉, an old story of the Dragon King of the Southern Sea, a softshell turtle and a wild rabbit: The Dragon King of the Southern Sea is suffering from an illness that can be only cured by the liver of a rabbit. The softshell turtle was pointed to bring the rabbit to the palace which he successfully does after convincing him by luring with wonderful prospect of living in the court. However, the rabbit discovers his danger, coaxes the King and returns to the land. LEENALCHI’s interpretation of 〈Sugungga〉 is based on sound making that corresponds to the narrative.
  • Career

    2020 Seoul Indie Music Festa
    2021 Future School The Korean Pavilion La Biennale Di Venezia 17th International Architecture Exhibition 2021 Opening Ceremony
    2021 LG Arts Center LEENALCHI X Ambiguous Dance Company ‘Sugungga’
  • Award

    2021 18th Korean Music Awards Musician of the Year
    2021 18th Korean Music Awards Best Modern Rock Songs: LEENALCHI - 'Tiger is Coming'
    2021 18th Korean Music Awards Best Crossover Album: LEENALCHI - 'SUGUNGGA'
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