Asia Pacific Music Meeting 2021
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UlsanAPaMM Locality - Korean traditional music / Pansori / Changgeuk

Kim Mi-kyung Pansori Research Institute 김미경판소리연구소

Real Man Cheoyong! Let's play with the Cheoyong god today.

  • Profile
    Founded in 2006, Kim Mi-kyung Pansori Research Institute is a versatile organization of folk music such as pansori and folk song. It tries to perform various work including original pansori, gukak pop, changgeuk, local music, and others. Based on the continuous endeavor in researching on the traditional and original pansori, it strives to popularize gukak and to discover culture contents of Ulsan Kim Mi-kyung has created the song of Ulsan herself. She made additional achievements like sheet music publication, album release, and training of her students to walk on the path.
  • Member
    Kim Mi gyung (Head, Director, Pansori)
    Kim Yae jin (Pansori)
    Yu Byung gi (Trumslagare)
    Kim Young eun (Cello)
    Jung Hye sun (Daegeum)
    Jung Ji young (Synthesizer)
  • Program
    The pansori ‘Cheoyong, the manly man in Ulsan’ is an original pansori sound performance that humorously expresses theatrical elements with traditional pansori singing method and modern music.

    〈Cheoyong Changgeuk(Korean traditional opera)〉 30mins
    (Manly man) Cheoyong, 娛神 Goddess of Smallpox is coming! Let's play with Cheoyong god today!

    A local music created by a playwriter Young Wook Lim and composer Jiyoung Gu. "Collaboration of gukak and western instruments!" 2 sorikkun (singers) and 4 musicians are gathered to play with Cheoyong god who defeats the goddess of smallpox.

    Ulsan and Seorabeol(capital of Silla) area during the time of Heongang(king) of Silla
    It is a Changgeuk about how Cheoyong met his current wife and what happens after they meet. How will Cheoyong, the symbol of tolerance, handle the situation....
  • Career

    2020 The 12th KimMi-kyung’s Love for Sori: ‘Boseong Sori Simcheongga with Jeongganbo’
    2020 The 2ndTaehwagangArtFestival‘Yeruha’– Special performance ‘Changgeuk Ppaengpa-jeon
    2020 2020 Music Drama for Improving Eating Habits ‘Changgeuk for Children: Kongjui and Patjui’
    2019 The 11th Regular Concert: KimMi-kyung’s Love for Sori‘ Like the Wind, Like the Sound’
    2018 Kim Mi-kyung’s Sori Concert: Shim Ja-ran Sori
  • Award

    2021 Presidential Prize, 19th National Gugak Competition
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