Asia Pacific Music Meeting 2021
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About UlsanAPaMM

오직 음악을 위한 단 하나의 네트워크
A Creative Hub of Music Inspiration

Ulsan Asia Pacific Music Meeting(UlsanAPaMM), which was launched as the first International Music Market in Korea, has continued to serve as a forum & conference and has helped  Korean traditional music artists to have international recognition.

 From 2021, UlsanAPaMM expanded criteria, so not only Korean traditional artists but also Korean local music artists can participate.

 Based on this, UlsanAPaMM will be more citizen-friendly music festival. For instance, UlsanAPaMM provides people opportunities to enjoy cultural life for free and wants to arouse artistic sympathy of citizens for Local Music. 

 In addition, UlsanAPaMM has been trying to revitalize music industry of Asia-Pacific region through Conference, Business Meeting, Committee.

 Futhermore, Based on international cultural exchange experience over the past 10 years, UlsanAPaMM is presently establishing a sustainable Global Music Network centered on Ulsan by offering chances among musical experts in domestic and abroad and citizens and artists to interact through online and offline.

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